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pancake room kitayama ザパンケーキルーム

The best pancakes in Kyoto – (ザパンケーキルーム)

Have I told you how much I love Japanese pancakes? They’re as light as clouds and melt in your mouth. If you thought your pancakes were fluffy, they’re not. Japanese pancakes are almost the size of small cakes and melt in your mouth. The…

January 19, 2018
Dominique ansels bakery tokyo

Three things to eat in Tokyo

I’ve been meaning to talk about my last visit to Tokyo and I’ve been holding back because I’m not sure what format to use since I got here. I’ve been considering doing single-property/restaurant reviews and travel diary style pieces but since I’m here for…

December 1, 2017
Marataba safari lodge

Marataba Safari Lodge – review

My stay at the Marataba Safari Lodge was so many months ago, but sometimes it feels like a few weeks ago. Often it feels like a dream. As someone who had only ever seen animals at the zoo and had never been camping, the…

April 28, 2017
kilic ali pasa hamam

A Turkish Hamam Decoded

Last year when I went to Turkey I knew I had to go to Hamam. I just had to. I knew it was a public bath, very popular in early Turkey but that was pretty much it. While in Turkey, I had a chance…

November 7, 2016
roots forum homini

The Ultimate Foodie Experience in pictures.

I stayed at the Forum Homini last year in August and I won’t forget it. The room alone was magnificent, but when I spoke about it before I didn’t quite mention just how great the food was. Included in our rate was the five…

November 1, 2016
high tea at four seasons the westcliff

Three places to eat in Johannesburg

I didn’t intend for it to work out this way, but it turns out this list could be construed as breakfast, lunch and dinner or a one-day-in-jhb list. You would be grossly stuffed,  but you will have enjoyed it. Also, Parkhurst, Illovo and Westcliff…

October 25, 2016