The best pancakes in Kyoto – (ザパンケーキルーム)

January 19, 2018

pancake room kitayama ザパンケーキルームHave I told you how much I love Japanese pancakes? They’re as light as clouds and melt in your mouth. If you thought your pancakes were fluffy, they’re not. Japanese pancakes are almost the size of small cakes and melt in your mouth. The best pancakes are at The Pancake Room (in my opinion). I’ve been here four times (in two months). It’s tucked in a side street in Kitayama (which is ridiculously trendy I might add)  and much like everything in Japan, you might miss it if you walk by too fast.

The menu is small and I’ve only tried the pancakes. For first-timers, I’d stick to the basic pancakes and add one or two toppings you like, I LOVE to add some ice cream and chocolate sauce. Each pancake is made to order so that they arrive they are perfectly warm, fresh and divine. I can’t even look at these photos without drooling (especially since I’m on a diet and will have to put on a swimsuit soon!). Pancakes can easily become an overindulgent and sickly sweet treat, but I find that these are less sweet than other cafes and if you stick to the basic pancakes you won’t have too many sweet toppings to overpower the flavour of the pancake.

The cafe itself is tiny, as is the norm for many establishments in Kyoto and can seat perhaps around 12 people. It’s decorated in simple Hawaiian style and is often busy. If we don’t make a reservation we end up waiting around 45 minutes to be seated and eat. At great places, this is the norm, so don’t let it put you off. Rather, take the time to walk around Kitayama, it’s a great neighborhood.

I’ve been here six times in four months, so I’ll let that speak for itself!

The Pancake Room Facebook Page

pancake room kitayama ザパンケーキルーム

pancake room kitayama ザパンケーキルーム


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