Review: Inoar Keratin Smoothing Treatment

September 18, 2017

inoar keratin smoothing treatment reviewI don’t have bad hair, but I have bad hair days. Like everyone, there are days I wake up and I practically hate my hair. There are also those days when my hair just doesn’t work with me. My hair is wavy but thick and does tend to get frizzy. What happens then is that instead of m hair framing my face, it becomes the hair show and my tiny face just gets overwhelmed. Recently, I’ve started straight-ironing my hair twice a week to keep it sleek, but I hate the time and effort it takes. Finally, I decided to take the plunge and get a Keratin treatment done. Especially since I knew I would be moving to Kyoto which can be a very hot and humid place. I knew that my hair would become harder and harder to manage as it grew.

I decided to get the Inoar Keratin Smoothing Treatment at Sorbet Drybar (Dunkeld). The Inoar treatment can be customised based on the percentage change in your hair that you want. I wanted my hair is straight and sleek as possible so I selected the 90% reduction treatment.

The treatment itself lasted just under three hours and I’m not going to sugar coat it, the fumes are uncomfortable. I teared through most of the process. Honestly, I really wish they would perform these treatments in an area that is better ventilated for the safety of customers and the stylists. Other than that? The treatment is pretty simple. First, your hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo and then dried before the product is applied. After that your hair blow dried again, then in sections, it is straight ironed ten times. Finally you head to the sink for a wash and mask, which is followed by a quick blow dry. You leave with a great sleek head of hair that you could wash that very same day.

The first week post-treatment was incredible. My hair fell as if I had straight-ironed it and it had no fizz at all. It’s now over three weeks later and a large part of that time has been in Japan. I didn’t know this before I got here but Japan is really humid. My hair has become a little frizzier than it was back home and it now has a slight wave . I’m not sure if this is because of the weather or a flaw of the treatment. However, I am IN LOVE with this treatment. Because my hair isn’t that curly, I wondered whether I would feel that the treatment was a waste of time, but I really don’t.


  • I never have to take out my straight-iron. A quick, 10 minute blow dry and my hair is perfect.
  • When I quickly blow-dry it, the end result, is a natural, straight-frizz free look. Pin-straight is okay, but it does become jarring and boring after a while.
  • The quality of my hair has improved. My hair is shiny and substantially softer than it was before the treatment.
  • My hair now dries faster when I let it air dry, and it air-dries without frizz.

I probably don’t have to say much more, but I love this treatment. I don’t know what I’ll do when it wears off!

The Inoar Keratin Smoothing Treatment dies require some maintenance, like all Keratin treatments so be aware of the following:

  • You will need to use a Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to preserve the treatment. Inoar has a great range of products that are available for purchase at Sorbet Drybars.
  • Swimming the ocean will strip the treatment, so be careful.
  • Simply, anything salty will strip the treatment, so I would be careful of hot baths (Like onsens or thermal springs).
  • Try to minimize getting your hair wet as much as possible because it will also wear out the treatment faster.

Your Inoar Keratin Smoothing Treatment should last 3 months on your hair with proper care and maintenance. I have heard stories and whispers about the treatment lasting up to 6 months, so your mileage may vary.

The pictures really do show the massive difference in my hair! The pictures here were taken at about 3pm on one of the most humid days I experienced in Tokyo. All it took to get my hair to look that sleek and shiny was a quick 5 minute blowdry. To compare, here’s a selfie of my hair pre-treatment with a quick blow dry.

P.S. I was offered this treatment at Sorbet Drybar Dunkeld in conjunction with Inoar South Africa to review and share my opinions. As always, these are my own, honest opinions.

inoar keratin treatment review

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