May 8, 2017

Momo Baohaus


Now if you know me you will know that I adore food. I particularly adore Asian food. I’ve been trying quite a few of the Asian restaurants we have here in Johannesburg. I’m a fan of Momo Baohaus because they have a wide selection of food and it’s super cosy and it’s also a short drive from my place to Greenside.

Momo Baohaus sere a variety of Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese dishes. To me though, the tapas are the star of the show. I could probably survive on the spicy kalbi beef alone, perhaps with some nori fries. For starters we had a selection of the tapas including the salmon ceviche taco which was sweet and satisfyingly gooey. I just love the gooey feeling of raw salmon! We also had the Szechuan prawn wontons which is a portion of prawn wontons served in chilli oil, it isn’t fire to your taste buds, but the oil adds nice heart to the delicate wontons. On the day we went, they also served firecracker chicken, which was an off-menu special and it was my favourite dish of the meal. It was spicy, salty and just fantastically good fried chicken served on a bed of cabbage. My husband and I also adored the spicy kalbi beef. He isn’t the biggest fan of sweet flavours and he loved these, the rub they used to season the meat was spicy and salty with a slight numbing flavour. Looking at them now is making me pretty hungry.
Momo Baohaus

We had the Colonal Bao for mains followed by the Szechuan and Yakisoba bowls. I love the Colonel Bao, it’s really such a hearty comfort food, especially on a colder day. The chicken in the bao was soft and tender. I really enjoyed the Yakisoba bowl far more than I thought I would, the sauce is really addictive but I’d prefer it if it came with some more vegetables or a ramen egg like the Szechuan bowl. The Szechuan bowl wasn’t what I was expecting and wasn’t as hot as I would have liked, but it was spicy, flavourful and came with a variety of greens, however the dish advertised cashews but there were only two in the whole bowl.

Overall, I really enjoy the Momo Baohaus experience, it’s well-spiced and well-cooked food that is fresh and prepared with care. Presentation is fantastic at this place! All the dishes have such a beautiful visual appeal to them and I love it, how gorgeous do all these photos look? Service has been great the few times I have been there, staff are always attentive and friendly.

If you haven’t had a meal at Momo Baohaus, I suggest you try it out. If you don’t want to jump in to the bowls, having a selection of tapas and a bao for the table would be great and you’d be able to select foods for a variety of tastes. They also have sushi so you can incorporate that into your selection. P.S If you do go for the bowls, the portions are HUGE, especially if you’re a small eater so come for lunch and eat the leftovers at home for dinner. 😉

You will likely have to make a reservation so call the restaurant on 010 9004889 or check out their website for more information.

Momo Baohaus

Momo Baohaus

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