Places I want to see in 2017

January 4, 2017

I probably don’t need to explain myself right? Shall we just get into the list?

More of Japan.

shibuya tokyo

It’s probably that I’m obsessed with their respectful culture, the clean cities and the fact that everything just works. It is. I visited Japan last year and I can’t imagine never going back. There’s just so much I’d like to see.

First on the list is Okinawa island, the group of tropical islands of Japans coast, followed by Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido at the northern tip of Japan. Also, I couldn’t miss the beautiful Kurokawa onsen, all the way in the South.


florence italy

In 2016 I discovered my love for Italian food. It started with pizza and now I’m also obsessed with pasta. I made my first batch of egg pasta this weekend complete with an authentic marinara sauce. All that’s left is to head to Italy and eat my weight in food. I’d like to start in Milan, of course and then head to Lake Como, Rome, Tuscany and Naples. If the schedule wasn’t already this packed, I’d also head down the Amalfi coast.



Every year it’s the same. I am still obsessed with the Maldives. It almost seems as if it’s the ultimate in luxury.


sousvlei namibia

I can’t believe that I live so incredibly close to Namibia but I can’t seem to prioritise going there. I’ve always dreamt of experiencing the Namib desert and maybe this year is the time?

There are so many more places I’d like to see, but I tried to prioritise. If I got to do two of these, I’d be elated!

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