Five things I want from Superbalist Apartment

January 16, 2017

superbalist apartment wishlist

Okay, new year, new me right? New wishlist? At the beginning of every year I’m always looking around and critiquing my place. I always start with a spring-clean. This year I gave away 7 black bags of stuff tot he Wits Hospice. Instead of my place being cluttered, I really prefer a few items that I am proud of. Since I don’t have a never-ending stream of money, here’s some apartment stuff (and one wearable!) I found on Superbalist apartment that I’d love to have.

Oki Indigo duvet cover

oki ingido duvet cover

We’re pretty much still living the student life when it comes to decor at our place. The duvet covers we’re using are years old and some are hand-me-downs from my old bed at home. Don’t be me. Get good bedding.

Fitbit Charge 2

fitbit charge 2

I’ve always wanted the Fitbit Charge HR and now I want the Fitbit Charge 2. I also just want it in black, because Black is the New Black. As always. by the way, so surprised (and overjoyed) that Superbalist sells fitness devices.

Frida writers desk

frida writers desk

As you know, I write for a living, here and at my day-job. As a result, I spend a lot of time writing. I’d always be happy to write on this desk any day. Superbalist has a few other great desks & tables if you’re looking for some.

Open Grid kitchen rack set

open grid kitchen rack

Guys, I’m getting really surprised by the amount of stuff available on Superbalist. I also really love how kitchens have been embracing wall-storage and we don’t have to be stuck with thousands of cupboards anymore. This drying set is pretty fancy looking because I have a a regular drying set at home.

2017 Moleskine Weekly Planner

moleskine 2017 weekly plannerI don’t know what it was, but all through high school, a Moleskine was THE notebook to have. Still, I belive that Moleskine produces really good quality notebooks. There’s a variety of styles, but I really tend towards minimal these days. Also Black is the New Black (;)).

So there you have it. Five things I’d like to buy at Superbalist Apartment right now. I have to admit. It wasn’t easy writing this since my mouse kept moving to the clothing section. I LOVE the brands they offer. There are WAY more than five things I’d like to buy!

*I wrote this post for Superbalist in exchange for compensation in the form of a trade exchange. However, please note that I only ever work with companies and brands I truly support. My opinions are still always honest.*

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