Daniel Wellington Classic Black

December 26, 2016

Daniel Wellington Classic Black

I must say, I’m really enjoying this new thing where I get to try watches. I don’t wear much accessories but I do like a good watch. I’m very minimal when it comes to fashion these days (something for another post), so I own three simple watches that I wear based on the occasion. I’m particularly fond of an ‘all occasion’ style. Something I can dress up and down based on what I’m doing. Say hello to the new Daniel Wellington style then, Classic Black. It’s a black face which I adore. Since I already own another black leather strap watch, I decided on the black NATO strap. It offsets the larger face of the watch on my rather petite wrist.

With the watch, I received the Classic Cuff. The Small is great for my wrist, and I wear it above the watch. I don’t know how you feel about mixing metals, but I like to break the rules ;).

Daniel Wellinton Classic Cuff

So, better late than never right? Daniel Wellington sent me this watch earlier this year to promote their Christmas special. Christmas is over, but the deal still stands.

You can get 15% off any watch on the Daniel Wellington site using my discount code 16Complete which is valid until the 15th January 2017.

PLUS if you purchase both a cuff and a watch, you qualify for an extra 10% off your purchase. The website offers UPS express which gets to South Africa in under a week at no extra charge. So I promise you, this is a GREAT deal when compared to what these watches costs at retailers here at home.

Daniel Wellington Classic Black


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