Three places to eat in Johannesburg

October 25, 2016

I didn’t intend for it to work out this way, but it turns out this list could be construed as breakfast, lunch and dinner or a one-day-in-jhb list. You would be grossly stuffed,  but you will have enjoyed it. Also, Parkhurst, Illovo and Westcliff are all in a stone’s throw of each other so you won’t have to budget too much time between venues. Happy eating (and drinking) and being merry!

Start at:

Nice 4th Street Parkhurst

nice on 4th parkhurst
If you’re nursing a hangover after enjoying a night out, head to Nice. Or if you just really like breakfast, head to Nice. It’s an unassuming eatery that specializes in breakfast in Parkhurst. They don’t take reservations and when you get there, you’ll probably have to wait a while before being seated but their breakfast baskets are divine. My suggestion is a half-n-half. It’s a bread basket filled with a poached egg, tomato salsa, mushrooms and topped with avocado slices next to a stack of flapjacks. Yes, sweet and savoury on one plate. Yum. When you’re done you can walk off the calories by looking around at antique shops and boutiques in the area.

Once you’ve got your fill of shopping, head to:

High tea at the Four Seasons The Westcliff

high tea at four seasons the westcliff
The Westcliff was already a Johannesburg-institution before the Four Seasons revamped it last year. The Westcliff is an iconic hotel, set on an incline, that looks out over onto the Johannesburg Zoo and towards the north. Here you can enjoy a leisurely afternoon sipping tea, enjoying the view and enjoying a variety of treats. If you’re looking for a place to stay while in Johannesburg, you should definitely give it a spot on your hotel shortlist.

Now, head to:

Perron in Illovo

perron illlovo
Have a hankering for Mexican? Perhaps you’re just looking or Churros and Tequila. Perron is the place you’re looking for. Mexican food isn’t too popular in Johannesburg, but Perron has become infamous and it’s become a challenge to get a lunch or dinner booking here. If you can get in, it’s a mix of trendy and Mexican decor that’s probably going to get the party started. Once filled up, you can head to The Griffin next door and end the night with a few (more) drinks.

Bonus Tip:

Remos Fratelli Maximilliano

remos fratelli waterfall corner

I’m not sorry I added a franchise to the list. Remos is a great value restaurant. It’s always busy and their menu regular Italian fare. Remos gets a spot on this list because of their on-site bakery. Their Cronuts were not just pieces of donut-sized pastries, they are monstrosities. Think of a Cinnabon, now expand. The fact that they’re huge, makes it good enough to share between two people. They are absolutely fantastic too.

The only drawback of Remos is that it is situated in Waterfall Corner and a good 20 minute drive from all the other spots on this list.

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