Laser Hair Removal Update + Reader Offer

August 3, 2016

laser beautique discountHi guys!

I can’t stress how well my session at The Laser Beautique are going. I’m around 4 sessions in on my underarms and I never shave them, even though I wear tanks to the gym. I just literally cannot see the hairs there. My legs are doing great. My lower calves don’t seem to grow ANY hair and what’s left on the rest of my leg can only be seen from up-close. And by up-close I mean no one notices it but me. Also, I went to Sun City two weeks ago and my hair removal consisted of 5 minutes of running a razor across my skin. I don’t even know how necessary it was, but it was habit. Before laser hair removal, my bikini-ready routine would consist of a 3 hour session of waxing. I can’t express more how much this has changed my life. I am so much more confident about my body. I don’t have to worry about lifting my arm or having a five o’ clock shadow on my bikini line. It’s just so simple.

So I want you to experience it too. As a reader of Complete Disbelief, you are now entitled to a FREE consultation PLUS 20% off your next session at The Laser Beautique. All you need to do is show this voucher at your booking. If you’re already a client, you’re still welcome to use the 20% off. It’s that simple. No signing up. No contracts. Just a good ol’ discount.


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