3INA arrives in South Africa

August 22, 2016

3INA makeup reviewBy now you’ve heard about 3INA, the new brand launching in South Africa. I have to say, the past two years have been incredible for South Africa’s beauty scene. More brands brings more variety and more access to what we, as consumers want. I like seeing brands that do something new, and 3INA is definitely doing something new. The brand is the brainchild of two friends from fashion retail who felt that most makeup brands didn’t speak to everyone. They decided to create a brand that was approachable and offered the best value for money and they oversaw everything, down to the layout of the store.

P.S. It’s pronounced ‘MINA’ and yes, they wanted to confuse us with this name!

As part of their launch campaign I received a few of their favourite products to try. My favourite products so far are the nail polish, cream eyeshadow and eyeliner pen. Below I’ve reviewed and swatched each one to show you how awesome they are. Also, these are all really well-priced, with the eyeliner pen coming in at a cool R149.

The 3INA Eyeliner Pen

3INA makeup, eyeliner and cream eyeshadow

By far my favourite product in-store. The 3INA Eyeliner pen is a deeply pigmented pen with a felt tip. The tip dispenses a good amount of product and creates a nice, smooth line across my eyelid. The liner dries and stays put, it’s fantastic really and it’s been slowly crawling up to HG status. I have six eyeliners at home, I only wear this one.

3INA Nail Polish

3INA nail polish
I had read reviews about the nail polish before I used and I am impressed. The polish comes packaged in a square bottle with a removable lid. Nice, if you want to paint the top for easy access in your draw. The brush is small, but well-shaped and two coats is enough for fully opaque coverage. I know how even the best brands vary by shade, so I would suggest that you try out the shade you want before you buy.

3INA Cream eyeshadow

3INA cream eyeshadow swatches

These shimmer pots are definitely a fan favourite. People were going wild for them at the launch. I can see why, these babies are waterproof and not tested on animals. Win. The cream eyeshadows come in pots and are deeply pigmented. They are metallic and have a fine glitter to them, well the ones I swatched. They look great swatched and you can really pile them on. I did find them hard to blend though. Once on, they stick. I tested all three shades below and once dry they don;t crease and you need a really hard-wearing remover to get them off. I’d say these are perfect for performance artists, they really work and they shine!
3INA cream eyeshadow swatches

3INA has opened a store at Eastgate shopping centre and it’s beautiful and quite roomy for a makeup brand. I honestly can’t wait to see more from this brand. If you can’t get to Eastgate, they’re opening two more stores by the end of the year.

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