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October 19, 2015

diy wedding decor joahnnesburg

Hi πŸ™‚

I got married a while ago, over six months ago actually! But let’s not get into that because if we get into that Β it will remind me that in just over a week I write the last exam of my undergrad degree and have definitely not prepared enough. Instead, let’s think of pretty things.

Many people have been asking me about my wedding and people I know constantly ask for photos. Until now, I’ve kept most of them close to my heart because it is an intensely personal thing. But, I am very proud of my wedding and I wanted to share what I did with the decor. It is literally what I did because I ended up coordinating a lot of it myself. Let me know what you think. πŸ™‚


We had my wedding at a venue at Parktown Girls High. Mostly because it was a compromise. I was looking for a garden feel and my dad, well he didn’t want to drain his bank account for the wedding. The venue we chose at Parktown Girls has a rose garden adjacent to it that we used as an area for welcome drinks and our entrance. I was adamant that I wanted to enter into the garden and not the venue even though it wasn’t practical! When we entered into the garden, we had to turn right back around and head into the venue. The awkwardness was worth it, my husband and I had a chance to see the venue as I intended it and I loved every minute.

diy wedding decor johannesburg
I didn’t care that it was ‘overplayed’ by the time my wedding came around, but I wanted a really simple classic and rustic look in white and baby pink. Everything was meant to be pink, including the desserts! My parents ended up choosing a supplier who hadn’t done a rustic event before and could barely grasp the concept. It was frustrating. I had to follow up everyday leading up to the wedding to make sure that he was doing the right thing. And still! He lied! It actually grates my nerves that he went through the trouble to bother lying to me. Anyways, I didn’t trust him to do the centerpieces and I am glad I didn’t. Once again, I cannot stress enough how important it is to choose the right supplier. I know it can seem that many suppliers charge too much, but a price that’s too good to be true, probably is.

I found the jars during a routine stop at the WITS Hospice shop in Orange Grove and bought them at a steal. I also saved a lot of Nutella jars to use. It was perfect, the fact that I owned the jars meant people could just take the centerpieces home after the reception. We hired a florist to create simple arrangements for the jars, my bouquet and the boutonniere. For the jars, we decided that we didn’t want them all to be the same and I think it added to the homely feel.
wedding bouquet
The wedding favours
diy wedding decor johannesburg

I just had to give succulents at the wedding. I didn’t care how much work it required and in the end, I am so glad we had it. I bought the succulents unpotted from the flower market in Selby at around R6 each and I just bought two large pieces of canvas from the Oriental Plaza which I cut into squares to wrap around the succulents. For the thank you card, I used the font and design from the invites and printed (and cut) the cards, attached them to toothpicks and voila! It was done. My sister helped me so much with this because we had 140 of them after all!

One of the main reasons I opted for the succulents was because I could add it to the table decor. Our tables were already very sparse and I knew the succulents would jazz it up a little and it did.
diy wedding decor joahnnesburg

I chose white Wimbledon chairs because I wanted it to feel as if we were in a garden, that combined with the simple decor, candles and wooden shutters at the venue really sealed the deal for me. The bathrooms at the venue were detached from the main building so we used lanterns and candles to light the way through the trees. The candles and lanterns served a double purpose, there was a load shedding warning for the evening of the wedding and we wanted to make sure that we still had ambient light if the lights went off.

Good decor is in the details and I’m proud to say that even though we didn’t have a lot to spend, we ended up with a tasteful event.diy wedding decor joahnnesburg

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  • Reply Nisa October 19, 2015 at 9:34 am

    Mashallah Zaa. It looked absolutely beautiful
    I went to Parktown Girls and seeing your pics brought back lots of wonderful memories.
    I think was a great idea and the succulents were just too cute.

    • Reply Zaahirah Bhamjee October 19, 2015 at 9:40 am

      Me too πŸ™‚ it was incredibly special to have my high school friends there as well and remembering how we sat on those very lawns years before ????. Thank you so much!

  • Reply chireez October 19, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    Oh wow. im so happy i read this post. I am planning my own wedding and having a hard time finding a good deco supplier in cape town. Thanks for sharing zaa, I might just use your idea with the jars πŸ™‚

    • Reply Zaahirah Bhamjee October 19, 2015 at 12:36 pm

      So glad to hear and congrats! Yeah, I spotted it many times on Pinterest and had to have it ????

  • Reply Sophia October 20, 2015 at 7:35 am

    Wow so simple yet so beautiful. Love the idea with The cute Succulents

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