An [Entertaining] day in Joburg

September 15, 2015

bounce inc johannesburgIf you follow me on Social Media, you will probably have seen me talk about The Entertainer. The husband and I use the Entertainer for the 2 for 1 dining specials at restaurants around the city and we bought our app in January this year. The way it works is simple. You buy the Entertainer App (or book) and you have immediate access to 2 for 1 offers at a variety of businesses which include restaurants, spas, salons, hotels (yes!) and leisure activities (think bounce). The app costs R345 for the 2015 version and that gives you access to all of the offers available for the year. When apps usually cost $1, I wasn’t easily convinced. But I have saved 3x more than I paid for the app so far and it’s easy.

This weekend The Entertainer sponsored me to join a group of other influencers like the awesome Heather (2summers), Anna-belleLulama Wolf  and Andrew Berry to enjoy some of their offerings. It was pretty much one of the best days I have had in a while and the savings we made would pay off a newly -purchased app.

We started off at Bounce inc. Bounce inc. is basically a huge room filled with a ton of trampolines set up in a variety of ways from a dodgeball court to a fancy experienced area. I embarrassed and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

enmasse johannesburgSoon we were exhausted and that’s the perfect time for a massage right? We headed to Enmasse. I had been following Enmasse closely because it seemed like such a great spot. And it is. Enmasse is not really a regular spa. No oils are used during the massage and instead of baring your naked body to someone else, you wear a nice white two-piece. The massage rooms are more like sections of a large purple room so if you groan during your massage, someone will hear. But don’t worry, the other patrons are probably far more concerned about the fantastic massages they’re getting. The massage itself was unique too and involved a lot of pulling and twisting of my limbs than I was used to but I’d do it again.


After two activities, the app paid itself off. But I know what you’re thinking. Buy 1 get 1 free really works when you’re going out dining or doing an activity because you don’t do it alone but what if you didn’t want to or couldn’t share your spa treatments? If you’re doing it alone, all you need to do is pay the full amount the first time you go and the next time you go will be free.

la vie en roseWe stopped for lunch at La Vie en Rose which is practically infamous now for their quirky decor, calm atmosphere, being sandwiched between developments and their great food. It’s a really popular location for bridal showers, baby showers and the like because they don’t charge venue hire, which I absolutely love. The menu is quite varied and there are quite a few vegetarian and fish options available.

acrobranch melroseAnd now, for the moment I have been waiting for, Acrobranch! After lunch we drove all the way to Melrose to Acrobranch, which is one of the most challenging but amazing things I have ever done. It’s a zip line course with obstacles like balancing cables, rope ladders and nets. All suspended between the trees. It was fantastic. We did the hardest course and I would do it over and over again. I’m trying to persuade my husband to take me there for our wedding anniversary, but I don’t think that will happen. A big thank you to Heather for sharing these amazing Acrobranch photos with me!

What’s probably more appropriate for anniversaries is dinner. Piza e Vino was the last spot on our list and I really needed to be sitting on the ground after the afternoon at Acrobranch. I was pretty stuffed from lunch so I couldn’t quite finish my pasta. Even though I wouldn’t regularly choose a franchise for serious dinners out, Piza e Vino is not too bad. The pizzas are thin and crispy and the service was acceptable. I obviously went straight to bed after that!

A huge thanks to The Entertainer for including me in this campaign, I had the best time!

Acrobranch group shesaidsa 2summers andrew berryenmasse johannesburg

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