The FOUR Benefit must-haves

July 17, 2015

benefit cosmetics must haev products

So Benefit is back. I don’t need to tell you again. But, now that you’ve got Benefit at your fingertips via Red Square Online and they’ve popped up at a few sores nationwide you need to know what to buy. And well, it’s the middle of the month, so budget might not be unlimited. So what should you stock up on now?

1. Benefit The Porefessional

Benefit Porefressional review

The Porefessional is an oil-free and lightweight pore minimiser and primer. It is lightly tinted and very silky. I use it on my entire face before applying foundation, but you can apply it after foundation or on its own on your trouble areas. It does spread quite well and it does its’ job fantastically, BUT it won’t last long. I am flying through this tube. However, it’s fantastic as a primer and since I’ve been using it I haven’t had to powder my face during the day. Which is an achievement.

Benefit Porefessional just out of the tube and blended in below. Once blended in it is quite translucent and doesn’t leave any tint on my skin. I only blended it into the right side of my hand for comparison.

Benefit Porefressional review

Benefit Porefressional review

2. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation (Beige)

Benefit hello flawless oxygen wow foundation beige review

The ‘claim to fame’ of this foundation is its hydrating properties. It is a light-medium coverage foundation that contains Vitamin C & E and comes with SPF 25 PA+++. It sounds good and it is. The foundation itself is actually very light and runny and you really do need to blend it in well. Once blended in it leaves a nice, natural finish on my skin and is build-able. It feels so light during the day and never feels like you have layers of makeup caked on your face. I think I will definitely be taking this on holiday instead of my trusty L’oreal Infallible.

I added pictures below of the foundation applied, spread and blended in. You’ll notice that Beige is yellow-toned so and is very suitable for skins with a yellow undertone. I had no grayness at when wearing this foundation.

Benefit hello flawless oxygen wow foundation beige review Benefit hello flawless oxygen wow foundation beige review Benefit hello flawless oxygen wow foundation beige review

3. Benefit Benetint

Benefit Benetint review

If you had to get one product, make it Benetint. I am IN LOVE with Benetint. Benetint is a lip and cheek tint that comes i a bottle with a brush. The tint itself is very thin, like water and you ‘paint’ it onto your skin. You can blend it into your cheeks (just make sure you work quickly) for a nice, natural blush or tint your lips. It dries almost immediately and if you like, you can apply another coat. Two coats of the stain lasts almost an entire day on my lips and cheeks. What really makes Benetint stand out is how natural it looks, especially on my lips.  It doesn’t leave any residue and it’s almost as if the Benetint is my natural lip colour, so instead of finishing with lipstick, it allows me to just finish with lip balm.

On the left I roughly blended in the Benetint and on the right I didn’t blend at all.


4. Benefit Hoola bronzer.

Last week at my reader event, one of my readers, Merelda fell in love with this bronzer and I can see why. The shade is a nice cool bronze without any shimmer and the brush makes creating a cheek contour a breeze. That’s all I can say about that!


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