Products I’m reaching for this winter

June 17, 2015

best products for dry skin

Recently I said that my skin was doing great this winter. It was doing great until that cold front hit. Yeah, everyone in Joburg knows which one I’m talking about. 1 June hit and winter had arrived. Since then I’ve been in recovery mode. My hands and cuticles are so dry and my eczema has flared up. Taking care of my skin has suddenly become one of my jobs.  I’ve got some go-to products lined up and I’ve shared them below. You can click on the names of the products to read more about each of them.

On a personal note, things are changing here at the bowtie residence. I’m almost done with my studies and I will hopefully be continuing my career soon. It’s been over a year since I have had a 9-5 job and it’s definitely time for me to get back on the horse.  I’ve enjoyed committing myself to studying, Ladybloggers and this blog but I feel that it’s time for me to join a more constructive environment.

Anyways, here are my current go-to products for winter skin issues. Almost in order of importance!

1. For dry hands, cuticles and anything else. – Africology Conditioning Body Oil

africology conditioning body oil

2. For moisturising and adding a healthy sheen to legs and arms – L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil

loccitane almond supple oil

3. For getting rid of itchy and eczema-prone skin – Bioderma Atoderm Intensive

bioderma atoderm intensivebioderma atoderm intensive

4. To keep your face feeling moisturised – L’Occitane Immortalle Cream Mask

loccitane immortalle cream mask

5. I’m in love with the Vichy Purete Thermale Beautifying Cleansing Oil because it just works.

vichy purete thermale beautifying cleansing micellar oil

6. Finally, I can’t go a day of winter without a hand cream in my bag. L’Occitane hand-cream is always my go-to because they smell great and the packaging is perfect.

That’s it. What’s your favourite winter product?



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    Blistex lip medex for dry cracked lips

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