Pantene #ShineStrong Blogger Trial Results

June 4, 2015


panetene pro-v blogger trialA few weeks ago I mentioned that I was doing the Pantene #ShineStrong Blogger trial for May. At the timer, my exams had confused my brain and I was barely making sense. But, I finishes four weeks of the trial and I’m here to talk results.

My Hair Condition: My hair is coloured but in great condition. I just recently chopped most of it off and what’s left is devoid of any split ends and straw texture which I did experience when my hair was longer. I have very thick, wavy hair so when I look for hair products I always look for things that won’t weigh my hair down but will keep any frizz away as well.  I try to wash my hair every second or third day to preserve my colour. So far, because of events, I’ve been washing my hair every day and it hasn’t been faring well.

The range I used: I was using the updated formula of Pantene Pro-v Thick & Full which is targeted at people with limp and fine hair. That’s not me. I’m looking for the opposite of what the shampoo promises (which is fullness and volume) so I’ll only be able to comment on how healthy and shiny my hair felt through the trial.

The results: The first few weeks of using the shampoo were great. My hair wasn’t as light as I hoped it would be, but I chalked it up to the fact that the shampoo and conditioner might have been a little too strong for me. So instead I started applying the condition even lighter than I had before. The next two weeks were a little harder. As time passed my hair got even heavier and I had to start washing it almost everyday. The daily washing didn’t help my hair because it started feeling drier than usual.  On a more positive note, the shampoo did not cause any frizz and my hair did look smooth through the trial.

Overall impression: I still maintain  that the Pantene products are great value for money when you’re on a  budget, but this time it didn’t work for me. I’ll try the new version of the Smooth & Sleek range I already loved.

Pantene Pro-V is widely available nationwide.

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    Pantene is great i hv also used it 🙂

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