Kerastase Chronologiste Review

June 23, 2015


Recently in a review I mentioned that while I love being thrifty with hair care, you can’t really compare a drugstore shampoo with a salon-quality product. You might not agree with me, but that’s fine. It’s just my opinion and you might have had a very different experience. I’ve been using a variety of salon ranges recently and it’s just solidifying my opinion.

Kerastase recently relaunched their Chronologiste range and treatment. I was invited to the launch and had an opportunity to experience the in-salon treatment as well. The Chronoligste range and treatments are suitable for all hair types and is a revitalising treatment that can be used in conjunction with your regular routine. The take-home shampoo (Revitalising Shampoo) and mask should only be used once a week so it should last quite a while. The in-salon treatment contains black ‘pearls’ which are inspired by caviar. The pearls contain a very concentrated mix of ingredients and Kerastase claims that this is what sets the in-salon treatment apart from the at home products. This is a truly premium range and the prices reflect that.

The in-salon treatment is a luxurious treatment that includes the Revitalising Exfoliating Care exfoliator which is massaged into your hair  and scalp after being washed and before the mask is applied. The mask is then applied and rinsed off thoroughly.

All the products are available for at-home use barring one difference. The ‘pearls’ aren’t available in the at-home mask. The shampoo and mask (Essential Revitalising Balm) are quite expensive, but should last a while because they’re only meant to be used as a boost, once a week.

Results: I really like the Chronoligste treatment and at-home products. My hair is noticeably lighter and shinier after use and the effects last about two days. One of my friends commented that my hair looked ‘light’. For the middle of winter, I’ll take that compliment.

Would I purchase this? It is definitely quite expensive. The shampoo alone costs R500. I don’t think I’d buy it now, but if my financial situation got better then I would. I love my hair and I love how light and soft it makes my hair feel.

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  • Reply Merelda June 24, 2015 at 12:34 pm

    Ohhh is this the one you used when we went to the pudding shop? I always hear Kerastase is amazing! p.s. exfolitate your scalp? whaaaat?

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