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June 26, 2015

CND Vinylux review

When I wear nail polish, it has to be perfect. Especially when I am very stressed. When I spot an imperfection I start to claw/bite/pull at the area and it becomes a very slippery slope from that to full on biting my nails. So I’m always trying to find polish and combinations that won’t chip.

Recently CND sent me their Vinylux topcoat and a colour to play with. Vinylux is a weekly polish that requires no setting and dries like a regular nail polish. It’s also only a two-step process. With Vinylux you only need to apply a colour and a top coat. There is no base coat required.

CND Vinylux review

They sent me this yellow Vinylux colour and I wasn’t impressed with it at all. The colour just isn’t to my taste and it goes on very unevenly. I definitely wouldn’t be wearing it on its own. Instead, I wanted a way to get the benefits of Vinylux without being limited to one colour. After some internet sleuthing, I decided on this method. I currently have only tried it with Essie Partner in Crime because I’ve been going on a lot of interviews and it’s far more professional than the usual colours I wear.


1. Cleanse and exfoliate your nails. Once done, you can swipe over your nails with nail polish remover again. This step just makes sure that there is no oil or soapy residue left on your nails.

2. Apply a Vinylux colour. Yes, no base coat. The Vinylux colour should dry quite quickly and you only need one coat for this to work.

3. Once the colour dries, apply the colour of your choice over the Vinylux. I used Essie Partner in Crime because it has a great formula. It’s almost perfect at one coat and then really gorgeous at two.

4. Make sure that your colour is 100% dry before applying the Vinylux top coat. The colour I’m using does have a tendency to run into the top coat.

And that’s it! By the way, in the photo below I had been wearing this ‘concoction’ for a week!

vinylux top coat review

BONUS TIP: I can keep this manicure going for two weeks with this one trick: When the colour starts moving away from the tips of your nails. Swipe the brush across the top of your nail (there will be a large amount of polish on your finger). The polish should just about cover the exposed area of your nail. Once dry, paint another coat of the Vinylux top coat.



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