How to: Prepare for a big day (Beauty)

May 4, 2015

wedding skin preparation

I got married (somewhat) recently and it was just as stressful as I imagined it to be. I wanted to look perfect. I wanted my skin to be smooth and radiant without the hyperpigmentation around my chin that I  hated. I also didn’t realise that I would be fighting an uphill battle because I was stressed. But I had a team of great women behind me to help me through it. A huge thanks to Sonette at SkiniD clinic who did my peels, Tasneem Vally who did my makeup and Flutter Eyelash at Hyde Park for providing me with best lash extensions. I’m so glad I worked with these women. Better suppliers might be more expensive, but I made sure that the suppliers I chose had experience and were willing to work with what I wanted. Suppliers that understand what you want are worth every cent.

So, let’s get into the list.

1. Start as far in advance as you can.

Even if you have great skin, you might want to perfect it before your wedding. If you do have some trouble areas like pimples, blemishes or hyper pigmentation, it will actually take a few peels to see a big difference in your skin. Consult your skin practitioner as early as possible so that you know where you stand and can also get started on a great skin routine. Starting early gives you the chance to experiment with new skincare products. Once you have found what works for you, Stick to it. I consulted with Sonnette  from Skinid Clinic and we discussed a course of peels that would target the issues I had. I didn’t need many peels but I had to start from three months before the wedding and my last peel had to be a month before.

2. Keep a (great) basic routine going.

wedding skin preparation

I can’t stress how much small differences in my skin routine have made. Just by adding in exfoliation and hydration masking, my skin looks plumper and feels softer on a whole. I haven’t even been for a peel since January and my skin feels great. Make sure you wash your face twice a day, exfoliate and apply a mask twice a week. As winter is approaching you might want to start a hydration routine so that when we come out of winter your skin will still look and feel great. You’ve got to remember that you won’t be fully done up on the honeymoon, so great skin can go much further than the big day.

3. Get skin preparation

I can’t stress this enough. Most makeup and hair stylists will include a trial in their cost for the event. A trial helps the makeup artist gauge your likes and very importantly, your skin tone and concerns. It also helps you visualise your look for the day. Makeup artists can handle almost anything, but I wasn’t going to take any risks for my wedding. I didn’t think I needed the trial, but the trial helped me point out parts of the makeup I wanted Tasneem to improve upon or change. It also gave me a chance to comment on the makeup without the stressful, frantic feelings I felt on my wedding day.

4. Go all out.


This is your day and it’s your body. If you want your hair down, have it down. If you want a smoky eye, get a smoky eye. Sure, accept advice, but always know where to draw the line. I was told my someone close to me that I was vain because I got lash extensions put in for my wedding. It stung, but the lashes looked gorgeous and I am so glad I got them. Lash extensions take away the risk of wearing mascara on the day and keep you looking fantastic all through the honeymoon (you can swim with them too!). I honestly wish I could keep a set of extensions on at all times.

I’m planning a few more wedding beauty posts but I’ve just been swamped with so much class work that I can barely think straight. Soon, I promise!

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  • Reply lameez May 4, 2015 at 11:57 am

    Love ur wedding post and tips 🙂

  • Reply Nisa May 5, 2015 at 2:11 pm

    Great post and I definitely think you need to go all out for your wedding day. boo hoo to the person that told you that because you looked absolutely stunning.

    may allah grant you many happy, healthy, wealthy and wonderful years together insha allah <3

  • Reply Moipone May 13, 2015 at 9:22 am

    Wow you looked so ELEGANT, love the post and PICTURES. Congratulations

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