Beauty 101: Retinol

May 13, 2015

Dermaceutic Activ retinol 0.5

I’m crazy about Retinol. It used to be this scary chemical that I associated with woman who really needed to fight ageing. Today retinol is the one ingredient I need in my skin care routine.

So what exactly is Retinol?

Retinol is actually another form of Vitamin A. What we’re typically buying is retinol and through prescriptions we have access to retinoic acid.

Right. Vitamin A. But what does that mean for my skin?

Retinol exfoliates skin, but not on a superficial level like a scrub. Retinoids make skin cells turn over faster so that they die quicker, hence exfoliation. The dead skin cells leave and make way for new skin cells underneath. It helps prevent collagen from breaking down and thickens deeper layers of skin, preventing wrinkles.

In short, Retinol encourages the regeneration of new skin cells. Protects your collagen and ultimately fights off wrinkles. Retinol also helps even skin out. In its early days Retinol was prescribed as an Acne remedy.

Okay, it sounds great. When can I start?

Whenever you want. Retinol will not thin your skin out and next to sunblock it is the most effective and researched anti-ageing skincare component. I’ve been speaking to a lot of professionals and the general consensus is that it is never too early. Using Retinol in your early twenties is very acceptable and I have just added it to my routine. If you’re wary, the best thing would be to speak to your skincare practitioner and find out if you can use Retinol.

Where can I get Retinol?

I would suggest that you choose a retinol from a reputable cosmeceutical brand like Optiphi or Dermaceutic. It isn’t going to be the cheapest, but cosmeceuticals offer you well-researched products that are formulated to give you the best benefits.

What will happen when I use Retinol?

There are a few things to consider when using Retinol. If it’s your first time, start with a low percentage like 0.5% and start by applying it every third night underneath your night cream. Make sure that you always wear sunblock during the day when using Retinol. You can start using the product more often as your skin feels comfortable with it. Your skin might start feeling tight, might flake or break out in the first few weeks. If you’ve followed these guides, your skin should normalise.

I’ve started using the Dermaceuitic Activ Retinol 0.5 and I’ll update you in a week and let you know how it’s going.

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