My HG Hand Cream

January 14, 2015

hand therapy heel hydration complexSay hello to my HG hand cream. It smells like peppermint, is super fresh and keeps my hand ridiculously smooth. But, before I even tell you what the cream does, I’ve got to tell you about my hands. I’ve mentioned before how I have been compulsively biting my nails for as long as I can remember. And if there isn’t enough nail to bite? I’ll be chomping on the skin and cuticles. Yeah, I’m so gross.

Anyways, my trigger is dry skin. I don’t bite and rip as long as my hands feel hydrated. That’s wear the Hand Chemistry Heel Hydration Complex comes in to the picture. I used this twice a day on my hands and heels and I definitely felt that my skin was smoother and softer. My heels are gross too so I welcome any and all improvements.

The Heel Hydration Complex comes in tube and is thick, but not oily. I love it.

And guys, there is no shame in using foot cream on your hands if necessary!

You can find hand Chemistry at Clicks πŸ™‚



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