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November 28, 2014

optiphi products

What is a cosmeceutical? World-renowned specialist Wikipedia (ha!) tells me that Cosmeceuticals  “refers to the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients purporting to have medical or drug-like benefits.”.

So these are really just regular cosmetics that are more targeted and results-driven.  I definitely feel that spending extra money on a well-formulated cosmeceutical is well worth it, regardless of your age (20-somethings I’m looking at you). Developing a skincare routine shouldn’t be something you do when you’re older to ‘get-back’ the skin you once had, it should be a preventative measure that helps keep your skin greater for longer. A brand I really love is Optiphi, this South African brand cares about a great formula that delivers results and their products really work.

A few Optiphi products are staples of my skincare routine and I have become pretty addicted to them. I’ve listed them below with mini descriptions. They really, really work for me!

1. Optiphi Facial Cleanser

optiphi facial cleanser

This gentle cleanser foams gently and leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean. It doesn’t dry my skin too much and strip it of too much oil (which is bad by the way) but removes all the dirt and grime it needs to.

2. Optiphi Classic Refine-foliant

optiphi refine foliant

If you aren’t exfoliating your skin, get on that right now. If you haven’t tried a chemical exfoliator, then get it on that too. The Optiphi Refine-contains lactic acid , salicylic acid and vitamin C and is a fantastic chemical exfoliator. All you need to do is apply it and wait. I prefer chemical exfoliators because the granules in some physical exfoliators can actually cause small tears and create inflammation, something we don’t want at all.

3. Optiphi Classic Hydra-Drem HA Masque


You’ve cleansed and exfoliated, now all you need is a good face mask. If you have dry and dehydrated skin, the Hydra-derm masque is for you. it can be used as a masque or applied as a leave-on product overnight and I love it. It leaves me skin feeling refreshed and looking good.

4. Optiphi Set The Canvas

optiphi set the canvas

I already mentioned Set The Canvas when I did my primer post, but once again. This primer is absolutely fantastic. It leaves me skin smooth and ready for makeup.

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