LCN Ultimate Glow Highlight Cream

October 7, 2014

LCN Highlight Cream

The LCN Ultimate Glow Highlight Cream has actually been in my collection for quite a while now. I don’t even have to act like I like it because I love it. I use it on my entire face under my foundation and it gives my ski a gorgeous radiant glow. I also apply it to the tops of my cheekbones above foundation to add a highlight. It’s a great, versatile product that I love. There is one thing that gets to me, you either love it or you don’t, the smell. It smells amazing, but it’s pretty strong. The Man once interrogated my face because he ‘smelt something’ and he wasn’t a fan. HE hates it, I love it so it could go either way.

I still love it, it’s a nice smooth cream that blends beautifully into my skin. I’ve got a swatch below of the cream barely blended so you can get a feel for what it looks like. quite shimmery, but works very well when blended.

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LCN Highlight Cream

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