On beauty sins and Micellar waters

September 10, 2014

filorga Anti-geing Micellar Solution


I know that we like to act as if we’re perfect, but I definitely am not. Especially when it comes to washing my face at night. Who else likes to skip a night or two? I envy those ladies who claim to wash their face after a night out. I know it’s a beauty sin but I just can’t. I can barely get into my pjs let alone go through with my seemingly thousand-step routine at 3am. I just can’t deal with my tap at that hour too, it takes ten minutes to warm up the water and then I have to rinse my face a thousand times because the pressure is so low.

That’s why when products like Micellar solutions come my way, I cherish them. The Filorga Anti-Ageing Micellar solution is the latest addition to a collection of Micellar waters and cleansers brands have been launching. These solutions contain ‘micelles’, basically a molecule that collects dirt, much like soap but doesn’t need you to add water. Use is simple, just pour out some of the solution onto a cotton pad and wipe away. You can even remove makeup with these solutions and don’t have to rinse your face after.

Filorga have added an anti-ageing element to theirs by adding Rhamnose and Trehalose. Rhamnose triggers regeneration and soothes + reduces inflammation on the skin. Trehalose is all about storing moisture.

I really like using the Filorga Anti-Ageing Micellar solution. If I’m not wearing eyeliner, one soaked cotton pad removes a full face of makeup and leaves my skin feeling pretty clean and comfortable.

You can buy this at selected Edgars and Red Square stores at R360 for 400ml (which is quite economical compared to competitors!).

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