Here’s how Carlton took my hair from good to great.

September 23, 2014

carlton hyde park
Recently I had the chance to get my hair done at Carlton in Hyde Park, Kim did my hair and I spent a good 6 hours at the salon (thick hair + colour). I’m actually one those girls who NEVER visits the salon. I have been cutting my own hair since I was 15 with an odd ‘repair’ visit planned when I went a little crazy. During high school I progressed from a long chest length ‘do to a boy cut in first year. Hairdressers are something I would never really spare the expense for because I felt it wasn’t worth it. The hairdresser my family used didn’t work for me and I thought that was it. It got worse after my bangs, I would always get compliments about my hair and it felt great knowing that was something I did myself, but my hair wasn’t the best, it was thick and heavy and I always had to style it. Sometimes I would wash and dry my hair and it would feel as if I didn’t wash it at all. A lot of the time I was just winging it and I guess that’s ok, but sometimes it’s good to get a professional touch. The advice Kim gave me about mmaintenance and keeping my hair in great condition is worth gold now. It’s been over two months since this visit and my hair is still the best it’s ever been.

Everyone at Carlton Hyde Park was friendly and professional. I like to be comfortable but I want to be assured that the people doing my hair know exactly what they are doing. Kims’ apprentice coloured my hair but Kim made sure to check in often and touch up parts herself. Treating yourself to a salon visit is expensive but it is something I plan to do more often in future. I might not do it every month, but it would be great every few months. I love what Kim did and I definitely learnt a lot about my own hair.

Here’s what we did:

1. Kim said my hair was over saturated with product so she suggested that we apply the Davines Detoxifying mud mask to my hair. This was exactly like a mud mask for your hair, product was caked onto my hair and then I sat under the mist for at least ten minutes. My hair was then washed with the detoxifying scrub shampoo. Once my hair was dried it was clear that the hair I *thought* was dry was actually in good condition. Kim advised me to condition only the tips of my hair and it’s been great. I haven’t used a leave-in product on my hair since I left the salon and my hair is silkier, softer and lighter than it was with products.

2. Once Kim was able to asses my actual hair she suggested we go ahead with a flamboyage of gold tones. She used the Ammonia Free Davines colours for the flamboyage and to colour my roots. This hair dye, has NO smell, it’s pretty amazing. We then toned my hair to get rid of the very red and brassy hue it had. I’ve added a photo of my hair ‘before’ below.
carlton hyde park
3. Phew – it was a long day. I then did the Davines Replumping treatment with Hyaluronic acid after which Kim cut my hair into a long bob- and the bangs are back!

4. We didn’t even do a full blow-dry and I was out of there πŸ™‚

By the way – I also got my eyebrows threaded!

carlton hyde park

carlton hyde park

carlton hyde park

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