Revlon Age defying CC Cream Review

July 15, 2014

Revlon Age defying CC cream review

When I saw that Revlon had launched their Age Defying CC Cream, my first thought was ‘Can we just stop with the Buzzwords already?’

Using a buzzword creates an expectation and every time I used a BB cream I expected it to perform a certain function. If we stopped doing that, I would be happy with what the product did. So I tried the Revlon CC cream without thinking about the fact that it was a CC cream. I just thought about the function, it was a ‘colour corrector’. And it did just that.

The shade I have, medium is many shades too light for my skin and has a slightly pink undertone (swatch below) but works if I apply it very lightly. The coverage is sheer but I like how uniform it makes my skin look. It’s not something I would purchase because of the pink tone but it doesn’t make my skin oily, doesn’t break me out and is a well-performing product otherwise.

Revlon Age defying CC cream review

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