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July 7, 2014

A while back I posted an ‘Ask the Expert’ as a experiment. I didn’t expect the questions that came and may of them were not specific enough for the expert that was answering. It turned out to b a little more complicated than I thought it was. These questions were answered by Dr. Gray from Pantene πŸ™‚

Please let me know if you have further comments or suggestions about this segment because I would love to take it further!

1. A friend told me to dissolve some Disprins in your shampoo, it takes away the dandruff. Is this true?

This is absolutely not true.

2. My scalp constantly has dandruff. No matter how many times I wash it. I’ve tried so many different dandruff shampoos. Please recommend something I can use to alleviate dandruff and itch. I have natural 4c hair.
Using Head & Shoulders will remove dandruff with its special formula but if it still persists then I recommend seeing a doctor as this is then most likely a different condition. I recommend Head & Shoulders Classic Clean 2-in-1 (RSP: R42.99 for 200ml) in this regard.

3. My hair becomes unmanageable when I don’t relax it with chemicals. However when I relax it becomes really thin and doesn’t grow. I have tried so many products to make my hair fuller and thicker but nothing seems to work.
I recommend a shampoo that will help create a fuller look, the Pantene Full and Thick range for this. Pantene’s Full and Thick range livens up flat hair and gives it an instant, lasting full and thick look. A well-deserved boost for hair is all thanks to its micro-lifters, while the formula leaves hair looking shiny and feeling healthy.

4. Hi, I am a 28 year old male, I have been suffering from a receding hairline for the past 7 years or so, I have lost hair at my temples as well as experiencing thinning hair at my crown and a little in the front of my hairline as well. I went for a consultation at the Advanced Hair Studio, they recommended laser sessions, minoxidil, and something called Serranoa, which they said was ‘all natural’. I cannot afford the laser sessions, so I decided to just start using Minoxidil. I also use a hair thickening shampoo that contains caffeine as its active ingredient: Is Minoxidil, is it safe? Are there any side effects to be concerned about? Have there been studies of its long term effects? Is Serranoa really safe and natural as they claimed, based off the Palmetto fruit? Have there been any studies as to the long term effects of its (Serranoa’s) usage? Are there any serious side effects to using Serranoa?
Minoxidil is both safe and effective provided that you use it daily and forever – there are no side effects. I have no scientific evidence to support Serranoa.

5. How long after having a baby can you colour your hair? I had a baby 5 months ago and the salon colour I used didn’t take at all.There are no risks and today should be fine for you to colour your hair. I would recommend consulting your stylist further in this regard.

6. I’m 21, I’ve been anaemic for 2 years, but it is under control. However, my hair falls out a lot! I used to have thick hair and now its super thin. I changed my shampoo to the Aussie range – everyday shampoo. My hair feels healthier but it still falls. I wash my hair almost every day and I just feel dirty if I don’t. Does that make a difference? Anaemia is a known cause of hair loss but it will recover in time. You can wash your hair as often as you like.


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