Want Baby Soft Feet? Get a Medi Pedi

January 8, 2014

DMK Medi pedi

The Medi Pedi and DMK isn’t where you go to bond with your besties and gossip over cappuccinos, but rather the place you go that’s ‘your little secret’. And sure enough, it could be the secret to your incredibly soft and smooth feet. I’m in bad shape when it comes to my feet. At 22 I shouldn’t have the hard pads under my feet, but years of high heels and badly made shoes have contributed to my feet now being what they are.

The Media Pedi at DMK will transform any foot. It’s not pleasant smelling (in fact, some steps smell awful), but the process is simple and involves a chemical exfoliator. Your foot is prepped and cleaned then an Alkaline washed is applied to soften dry skin cells, rough skin and callouses. The alkaline wash also removes any small hairs still on the foot. During the Medi Pedi, no blades are used at all and the alkaline wash is rubbed off to remove dead skin.
The process was thorough and the therapist didn’t skimp on any ‘rubbing off’.

Once the gross part was over another peel was applied as a mask for three minutes t further remove dead skins cells. By this point my feet were looking pretty peachy.

The final step, a callous creme and pigment oil were applied and my feet were masked to help everything penetrate. Finally, my nails were painted with OPI to finish it off.

This pedi isn’t about prepping your feet for a big event, but rather a periodic treatment to keep your feet feeling and looking good all the time. It’s not as luxe as a pedi at a fabulous spa, but it definitely deserves a try. Just has a look at my feet in the photo above, they even look smooth from the top!

You can find the DMK South Africa Facebook Page here.

DMK Medi pedi

DMK Medi pedi

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