Nude Heels: Veet Beauty Secrets with Melinda Bam

October 3, 2013

nude heels
Recently I attended a Veet pamper session to share and learn about some beauty secrets from Melinda Bam, Cindy Nell and Poppy Ntshongwana (read, long-legged and hairless) and one thing really stuck. Melinda mentioned just how much she loved Nude heels. Everyone knows about their flattering skills and claim that they are able to elongate legs to extreme lengths. I have never been convinced, but surely Miss South Africa knows a thing or two? It also helped that all three ladies sported nude heels on the day and I decided. I’m buying this.

Just look at how gorgeous these look. Now, Melinda doesn’t need much help in the leg department but in these photos you can see how the shoe ‘blends’ into the leg when you’re looking at it. The key here is to choose a colour that is close to your own skin colour. A dark tan on a light skin would not have the same effect. Shop around, see what your options are. In the mean time, enjoy the inspiration.

Get some more Insiders Info at the Veet Beauty Secrets website. They also have a great competition running for Miss Veet SA.

melinda bam veet

melinda bam veet

melinda bam veet

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