Foreo Luna Review

September 13, 2013

 foreo luna for normal/sensitive skin

I received a Foreo Luna quite a while ago. For more information on the device, how it works and what other devices are available go to my first two posts here and here. Today I’ll be specifically reviewing the Foreo Luna.

Does it work?

Washing my face

The Foreo Luna comes with silicone bristles in a variety of thicknesses and sizes for cleaning the face. Once you turn it on you can change the intensity of vibration to a level you are comfortable with. It also notifies you when it’s time to move to another part of your face. I would move it in circles around an area gently. If I pressed harder it never hurt my skin, but you definitely don’t need to press hard. A light pressure seems to do the job just as well.

foreo luna skin cleanser bristles

The bristles are not harsh and the entire experience is very gentle. The vibration is nothing if not pleasant enough to want to do it again. Since I received the Luna I haven’t skipped a day. I haven’t broken out, I haven’t developed a sensitive skin nor have I seen any deterioration in my skin. In fact it’s quite the opposite. My skin is looking smoother and plumper than ever before. This might have to do with the anti-ageing mode.

The Anti-Ageing Mode

Once you’ve done your one minute of cleansing, the device will go into standby mode and wait for you to turn it on again. This is the anti-ageing mode. You turn it around and stick it to areas of your face that are prone to ageing. I applied my serums and used the device nearly every day and night. It is a little hard to get it exactly right, but once you do you can really feel the vibrations under your skin. It helped absorb my serums and I did notice that my serums definitely are working better recently. It left my face feeling invigorated and fresh every time.

The best thing about the Luna for me is how it can take my face from dull and tired to plump and radiant in a matter of literally two minutes. I was in the throes of bronchitis and no one noticed, not even me.

Battery Life

The Foreo boasts an amazing battery life of approximately 4000 hours. I don’t want to get into the math, but for 2 minutes of use a day it should be a very, very long time. My unit died two weeks into the testing period, but I gave it a chance – that was over a month ago and it’s been fine. I’m not yet confident enough to take it travelling without the charger, but over a month of battery life is good enough for me.


– You don’t need replacement brushes.

– Is not abrasive on skin.

– Silicone is hygienic.


– Shipping internationally. (Foreo does ship via courier so I did not have to pay any customs).

– Slightly unreliable battery life.

I love the way the Foreo Luna leaves my face feeling. I definitely feel like my skin is getting a better cleanse than if I just use my hands. Combined with the anti-ageing functionality I think it is really worth the price.

Foreo Luna size

foreo luna for normal/sensitive skin



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