DIY Kiwi Face Mask

September 11, 2013

diy kiwi face mask

I’ve had to change things up a little for #14daysofzespri and I found quite a few recipes for DIY kiwi face masks and exfoliators. My plan was this: get kiwi on my face, rinse off, if I get an allergic reaction, wash off immediately.

I chose to modify a kiwi face exfoliator I saw and made it less harsh my adding olive oil for its moisturising benefits and milk (to combat the acidity). I blended it up quickly and ended up with some sludge that I then smeared across my face. It tingled, but not as much as I expected and I was able to keep it on my face for a minute or so.

The sludge is very liquid but you really don’t have to use much. I ended up with a thin layer of the mix on my face and it still seemed effective.

So was it worth it?

After removing the mask I definitely noticed a slight increase in my skin’s brightness and smoothness, but it was not significant. Kiwi fruit contain lots of vitamin C and E and I need not tell you why that’s good for skin. Kiwi also contains actinidin which is a protein dissolving acid that helps dissolve dead skin cells. I would definitely not advise that you apply kiwi straight onto your face if you have sensitive skin. It is definitely too harsh.

I did have to wash my face after with a face wash because the olive oil created a thin layer on my face after.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing another variation of the mask and hopefully this time I’ll get stronger results. I might sound indifferent, but I am really enjoying the 14 Day Challenge, it’s really made me aware of what I eat.


I did this first thing in the morning and by the afternoon I started noticing some heavy flaking around my dry areas. I am taking this as a sign that this is a pretty strong exfoliator even when diluted. Also, over the course of the day I never once felt that my skin looked tired, it really did glow a little more. I really love the effects so far, they were subtle but definitely made a difference.

diy kiwi face mask

diy kiwi face mask

N.B I am not a qualified dermatologist and these are my own experiences.

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    Please proof read your posts before posting! The typos take away from the polished feel of your blog x

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      thank you!! I always get my boyfriend to proof after I post, I proof and spell check but if often doesn’t work as well as I hope. I’m really sorry. Working on it

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