Filorga Time Filler Mat Review

August 28, 2013

filorga time filler mat review

Filorga is fast becoming one of my favourite French brands. Their BB cream is amazing, the Sleep-Recover Night Balm is amazing and now this.  Filorga Time Filler Mat is a skin-perfecting moisturiser that corrects fine lines and imperfections while leaving skin matte and refined.

It contains a botox-like tripeptide for filling in wrinkles and a peptide that stimulates hyaluronic acid production to give the skin a more plump and filled look. It claims to reduce pore size after 14 days of use and in the same time period, mattifies skin and controls sebum production.

That’s a big claim.

What I thought:

Whenever I used the moisturiser my face looked and felt fantastic. On a cosmetic level, my skin was matte, smooth and refined. As for the long term benefits, I can’t vouch for that just yet. However, I really am a fan of the texture, it is quite a thin liquid that spreads and sinks into my face easily. My skin definitely feels slightly tighter after application as well.

You can purchase Filorga at selected Edgars stores nationwide.

filorga time filler mat review


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