The One Ballet You Have To See : Swan Lake by the St Petersburg Ballet Theatre

July 11, 2013
Swan Lake Act II_Irina Kolesnikova as Odette
Swan Lake as perfectly done by the St Petersburg Ballet Theatre is a performance that makes it regularly onto bucket lists. First performed in 1877 and composed by musical genius Tchaikovsky it could be the most famous piece of ballet ever written. There are even spin off movies that revolve around the storyline. Don’t let them fool you. Nothing can compare to the perfection of a Prima Ballerina dancing the opposing roles of Odile and Odette . The St Petersburg Ballet Theatre is a 55 member group that created scenes with ease. The sheer amount of swans was astounding and mesmerizing.
The theatre buzzed in anticipation before the show and when it was announced that the company would be dedicating their tour of South Africa to Madiba, the buzz turned into a roar of claps. If people weren’t excited already, they were now. The performance was a majestic piece of art. From where I sat I could see every pointe and every heaving chest at the end of a scene, I could almost feel their dedication to the art. The jester was lithe and perfectly light on his feet. I often felt myself slightly guilty for spending my days on the couch watching the perfect performances of Odette and Odile. Every single point, every single pirouette was performed to perfection.
The costumes and stage were as described, magnificent. The crowd murmured appreciatively every single time the curtain lifted and the orchestra finished off the evening with grace.
How I felt about it? If you see only one ballet, this should be it.
Swan Lake by the St Petersburg Ballet Theatre is on at the Theatro Montecasino until the 27th July 2013 and tickets can be purchased at Computicket.
I don’t have any pictures or more words to describe it because this it definitely something you have to see for yourself.

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