Dove puts on a Performance with a Difference

June 11, 2013

I received quite the package yesterday, a heavy box with a few words over the top, three layers of unwrapping revealed the 3 bottles of the Dove and more information about their Nourishing Body range and the activation they did at Cresta. As an aside, what is it about Cresta that makes brands do all their activations there? Dove created an activation that echoed their intentions with the Nourishing Body range. Dove sees your skin as a combination of multiple layers and will nourish more layers from deep down instead of just on the surface. This really just echos many of the Dove campaigns that focus on inner beauty.

See the activation below πŸ™‚

In all honestly, they should have done it in another mall, I can see how well this would go down at the Protea Court of Sandton City. That’s just because I would really have loved to see it. A great concept brought to life by Dove, again.

About the range:

There are 3 body lotions in the Dove Nourishing Body Range, Essential Nourishment, Intensive Nourishment and Indulgent Nourishment. My favourite by far is the Indulgent Nourishment body lotion with Shea Butter. I can actually a remember a time when I didn’t like what shea butter smelt like, now I can’t get enough of it! All the lotions come with the Dove Deepcare Complex that provides ‘Up to ten days of Nourishment”.

All of the lotions are thick but absorb well and the Indulgent Nourishment is perfect for my hands.

You can find them at all the Dove retailers for around R33 each.

I tried to snap some quick pictures between layers of violent unwrapping, because I was pretty excited about receiving a heavy box!

dove south africa

dove south africa 2

dove south africa 4

dove south africa 3


dove south africa 5

A pretty well thought out press pack! Β I also think that this box can easily be re-purposed into an eyeshadow box.

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