Indeed Laboratories: Hydraluron Review

May 7, 2013

hydraluron review

I spoke all about the Indeed Labs launch in a post recently. If you’ve read it, you’ll know how excited I was about Hydraluron. Indeed’s ridiculously hyped Hyaluronic acid serum that bloggers overseas have been raving about.

Hydraluron contains the highest grade of Hyaluronic acid available and is 100% free from animal-derived raw materials and organic-solvent remnants.

What does Hyaluronic acid do?

Hyaluronic acid has a low molecular weight (big science) that allows it to penetrate further into your skin. It is not a moisturiser. Once you apply it, it will sink into your skin and allow your other products to penetrate better. It helps the skin hydrate itself better and you should be left with plump, smooth skin and as a result, lines should be smoother. The  box does say that Hydraluron should not replace your topical moisturiser and it will not feel like it should.

My experience:

I have dry eczema-prone skin, so Hydraluron was perfect for me. The serum itself is an odourless, colourless gel. I apply a small amount onto my fingers and massage it into my face. I then followed with my usual routine. The first morning I woke up after using Hydraluron, I noticed the difference immediately. My skin was soft, smooth and looked more radiant. it also didn’t feel like any product residue had been left on the skin.

I loved it. I do also have dry areas around my mouth and since using Hydraluron, these areas seemed to have calmed down.

The Packaging.

All Indeed Lab products are packaged in the exact same way. This white box and white tube. The only identifiers are the colours and name. I personally love it. It’s still chic and effective. I honestly feel that over the top packaging is more suitable for makeup. I don’t want my cosmetics to mask what  skin I have, in the same way, when I buy cosmetics I want to know what I’m going to get.

Would I repurchase?

Definitely. The difference Hydraluron makes is not out of this world, but it makes my skin feel smoother, plumper and healthier. Which is good news for me.

Hydraluron will go on sale at Clicks on the 25th June for R399. Just in time for the thick of winter.

Hydraluron review

hydraluron review

hydraluron review

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  • Reply Charlene May 7, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    Love the review. Definitely keen to give this a try. Chemical exfoliants are so much better than scrubs.

    • Reply zaamissbowtie May 10, 2013 at 11:59 am

      Thanks 🙂 I actually went for a facial yesterday and the therapist noticed that my skin was not dry at all! That’s never happened!

  • Reply Lucy da Costa May 17, 2013 at 11:09 am

    I love how you explained how these products work. I’ve been using Hydraluron along with the other indeed products, and I feel the same way about it. Would defintely buy it ♥ Great post hun

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