Essence Gel Tint Review

May 17, 2013

essence gel tint review

I received the Essence Gel Tint in Pink Exposed (04) and have to say that I am very undecided about how I feel.

The gel tint comes in a small tube with a silver lid that seems sturdy and perfect for small handbags. Essence claims that this will provide long-lasting and intensive colour. They also claim that the product has a cooling effect on the lips.

My experience:

1. On application, the product does have a very cooling effect on my lips, but it doesn’t last long. It applies like a stickier lipgloss and dries very quickly.

2. It was very easy to build up the colour. The first swipe created a sheer pink. I would then wait a minute or so and apply another layer. 3 of these layers created a very pigmented dark pink lip that I actually loved.

3. The colour did last for a long time, but only an hour or two, especially if I was eating or drinking. Because my lips are  a little dry, I didn’t like the way it looked when most of the colour had run off, it left a darker patch closer to my lips.

4. The applicator is annoying. It really makes it harder to apply a consistent amount of product. I end up with a clump of product on my left arch which is hard to fix up without getting some on my hands.

Where this product really won for me is as a blush. I would just swipe it once or twice on either cheek and blend it quickly. It created a natural look that I love. I haven’t actually used much powder blush since. It lasted the ENTIRE day on my cheeks.

If you don’t mind the drying effect, for the price this is really worth it. But, otherwise I wouldn’t repurchase, except if I was looking for a blush.

essence gel tint review

essence gel tint 04 pink exposed review

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