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March 14, 2013

i exist jozi with the maboneng precinct

i exist is an initiative started by a few friends. Aalia has been speaking to me about it for ages but I just haven’t had the time to actually just sit down and see what it was about.

The initiative aims to “provide creative people from all over South Africa with the opportunity to showcase their art and photography at an exhibition in Jozi. Proceeds from the exhibition will be donated towards sustainable educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth.”

It really is a great initiative and they’ve made it really easy for anyone to participate.

This is what happens;

You submit a photo printed on canvas at any of their drop-off points before the end of March and at the end of the submission period there will be an exhibition of them at the Maboneng Precinct. if you have a photo ready to print, they have partnered with Ad Value to make the printing costs a little lower and more accessible to everyone.

What’s in it for you?

Who would say no to an opportunity to showcase their work, possibly win some prizes and possibly some much-needed introspection. You can submit your photos as a variety of Jozi venues, but it has to be printed (not specifically on a canvas though). if you’re stuck printing you amazing photos, they have partnered with Ad Value to make the printing on canvas a little more accessible to us.

Why do it?

All proceeds are going to a very deserving charity, The Johannesburg School for Blind, Low Vision and Multiple Disability Children. This is really your chance to showcase your work, dig deeper into your own sense of being and donate to a good cause.

Still considering it?

If you need more info head to their website, or their Facebook or follow their hashtag on twitter ( i_existjozi ). Check out the list of drop-off venues and don’t use the ‘I’m Broke’ excuse, because a small canvas is pretty well-priced with their discount.



You can now upload you photos online, yes, a completely online submission! The due date has also been extended to the 12 May. So get going!

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