My Oral Care Package

February 11, 2013

oral care package philips sonicare GUM and ora

I recieved this HUGE hamper last week from the company that handles all these brands in SA. And, I must say I am impressed. I know that oral care is so important but it’s something I really take for granted. I’ve never worn braces, but I have had about three teeth removed so far and I one chickened out of a root canal. So I’ve always tried to speak about everything in my life and I thought I could give my teeth a chance. Maybe if I broadcasted my bad habits with the world I might be obliged to improve them?

That said, I’m pretty much a manual brushing kind of girl. Flossing, is a once a month thing. I got two awesome items from the Philips Sonicare range. Their toothbrush and the AirFloss. The airfloss is a nifty little device used for flossing. I’m definitely going to be trying these items out and you can expect some reviews soon.

UPDATE: The toothbrush is awesome.

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