That elusive Beach Body

December 12, 2012

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I’ve posted a few times this year regarding my attempts at a beach body. Some of you scoffed at me ‘you don’t need to lose weigh’, but it’s not about losing weight nor is it about just the beach. It’s about being comfortable in my own body. That’s where no one else has absolutely any say but me. I also posted about #thinspo a while back and am glad to see that the Pinterest pictures haven’t been updated since then. Thinspo was a scary realisation and a warning about body obsession. I am however incredibly devoted to a healthy lifestyle and a ‘beach body’ if that’s what you call it. I fully believe that there is nothing wrong with striving to achieve, it will improve my lifestyle now and my health later.

What does this all mean?

Next year I will definitely be posting some more about my lifestyle, my fitness and really what I do to stay healthy. I’m just starting this journey and really hope to share it with you. It’s not going to be about losing a certain amount of weight, but rather focusing on healthy, sustainable habits.

It’s also going to have a strong emphasis on being confident with who you are 🙂 My teen years are completely over and I’ll be stepping into adulthood with the right foot forward.

Who’s with me? 🙂

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