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October 29, 2012

essence pureskin sos spot killer review


This came at the right time. My skin has recently done a 360. Two weeks ago my kin was dry and my biggest problem was pigmentation. Now My skin is more like a teenagers skin. When I first received the Essence Pure Skin SOS Spot Killer I didn’t think I would need to use it. Boy was I wrong.

The SOS Spot Killer comes in a small glass tube and a brush applicator. The liquid is white and very thin. It almost reminds me of Tippex (remember those good old days? :). Before you use it make sure that you shake it because I noticed many times that the solution had separated slightly. Apply this only to your pimples/problem areas and leave it on overnight. I usually just wait for it to dry before heading to bed because I know that my restless sleeping will rub everything off.

The first time I applied this it tingled on my skin far more than expected. it’s also got a very sharp smell and contains alcohol. After the first night I noticed no difference in the size of those pesky buggers that have recently built their homes on my cheeks, but after 3 days the larger ones were gone. This thing had zapped them up. Overall, I like this product. Essence are really proving to have a fabulous range of products for us at equally fabulous prices.

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