Women’s day | An arsenal of treats :D

August 8, 2012

women's day treat yourself
For the first time ever, I can officially say that I am now a woman. That’s debatable, but I am financially independant and 21. That qualifies me just as much as anyone else. (besides, this year I’ve apparently ‘filled out’)

If you’re planning on spoiling the women in your life tomorrow, there are quite a few options that you can go through. And also, if you want to spoil yourself on the day, then go ahead. I just had fun with this post and compiled a bunch of things that are amazing. This is not specifically for Women’s Day because they would work all year round.

1. Sweet Treats

Womens day treats

a. macarons b. Cinnabon c. Haagen Dazs d. Chocolate (lindt is preferreed) e. Top it all off with Hot chocolate.


2. Fashion


a. Handbags b. Any item of clothing c. SHOES

3. Beauty

Beauty stuff

a. Fragrance b. Any makeup item you know we love c. The Body Shop or Crabtree & Evelyn

4. Good Food (preferably desserts)

amazing food items

I dunno about you, but a great meal can do just about anything to a woman.

There you have it. Most of these would be surefire winners 😀

Any why give gifts on Women’s Day? Well, why not. It may seem as if I am being shallow and not commemorating the true essence of the holiday, but Women’s day should be about recognizing women’s rights and women’s achievements regardless of what they are. Also, some women struggle all the time and they aren’t mums, so why shouldn’t we all be recognized?


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