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July 25, 2012

highlighting cheekbones eyebrows and nose makeup technique

I have been going crazy over contouring and highlighting. Beauty bloggers around the world have been using these techniques to sculpt amazing cheekbones and draw attention to the features on your face. You don’t need to contour AND highlight every time though, I often find myself highlighting my cheekbones over blush and getting the desired effect.

So what is Highlighting? Highlighting is a method of applying a light/bright/shiny powder or cream to areas you want to stand out on your face. For example the cheekbones.

Still confused?

I’ve (crudely) illustrated this beautiful image. The circles illustrate where you should apply highlighter. I often apply a line of highlighter down my nose because I do have a smaller round nose that I like to enhance.

What Highlighter should you use? I am a serious fan of the Benefit highlighters. Also, what’s my favourite trick is to just use eyeshadow. Try and find a shade that doesn’t stand out too much on your face but still enhances the features.

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    Oooo I realli enjoyed this!

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      Thank you!

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