Endocil Revitalising Face Mask

July 17, 2012

endocil mask

If you’ve been reading, you’ll know that I have recently developed an obsession with skin, whether it is exfoliating said skinor slathering it in ruch concoctions.

Also, it really has taken all my courage to publish this, my first ever bad review. If anyone has anything to say about Endocil or any good products of theirs let me know and I’ll gladly try it!

That’s what persuaded me to buy the Endocil Revitalising Mask. I’m always looking for things that are rich and have fab, but won’t burn my sensitive skin. This caught my eye at Dis-chem next to the SBR products (if you have eczema, you’ll know what it is). It looked mildish and the packaging was minimalist, something I adore. I don’t like packaging thats excessive or just plain ridiculous.

Ok, down to the mask, it’s got a thick, heavy consistency that burnt my skin at some spots, but I persisted and when I removed the mask, my skin hadn’t changed. At all. In fact, those areas that were burning had some darker pigmentation (I wept for days)

Overall Verdit: I didn’t really see any benefits from this product. I wouldn’t purchase it.


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