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June 18, 2012

exfoliating methods

In winter our skin takes a strong beating. Nevermind that, our skin takes a beating and sometimes slathering n layer upon layer of moisturiser is not good enough. That’s where exfoliating comes in.Exfoliating removes the topmost layer of dead skin and will reveal th smoother, brighter, softer skin underneath. Also, if you’re a tanning freak winter is the best time to exfoliate so that your skin is prepared for summer:)

Ways to exfoliate:

With a scrub: there are tons of body scrubs out there. Or you could DIY it with the simple sugar and Olive Oild scrub that is all the rage this year.

With Le Edge: Le Edge is not yet available in South Africa, but I am so keen to try it out. It looks a little like a cross between the Veet applicator and a razer. Reading blogs about it, this little hybrid sounds amazing!

The old-fashioned way: with a pumice. A pumice is cheap and effective, but be careful to be gentle. Also, don’t ever use on broken skin, it will just damage the skin even more.

With Loofahs: Loofah’s are most commonly used to exfoliating. They provide gentle exfoliation and come in all shapes and sizes. For most, the loofah will be just perfect.

When do you need extra exfoliation?

1. If you wax or epilate. Pulling hair from the roots can cause the regrowth to grow just under the skin. The best wayt o prevent this is exfoliating.

2. If your feet are very dry and hard. Exfoliation over a long period of time will soften the skin under your feet while removing all the dead flaking skin.

3. I actually am not sure. These are the two biggest reasons for me, apart from just removing gunk and dirt and dead skin from out bodies.

Last point:

– Don’t use a pumice stone or Le Edge or a Loofah on DRY skin. The best time is during a shower. If not, used a bowl of warm water to warm up and wet the areas.

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