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March 2012

Gratitude <3

Today I’m feeling grateful. grateful that I’m still here and grateful for all the times I had with my Grandmother. I remember sobbing at the airport in front of (a few) passengers at King Shaka, feeling so completely far from my family. I accept…

March 30, 2012

In Transit

Just a reminder to let you know, you haven’t got rid of me yet. I will be back in writing form soon and be prepared for it:)…

March 29, 2012

Nails :) How I turned my bitten, broken nails into fab nails :)

Today I’m going to talk about nails. Something I didn’t pay ANY attention to last year. I used to have these horrible bitten down nails that were disgraceful and I was really embarrassed about. There really is no excuse for the awfulness that were my nails…

March 19, 2012

Lily Cole | Model Friday

Turn that frown upside down pepper. I have always loved Lily Cole, it’s very subjective, she’s not the average hot girlmodel. She’s the te n year old. I don’t know how onld she is now, but I feel weird when seeing her in ‘hot’…

March 16, 2012


As promised,  I will be announcing the winners of BOTH my competitions today. For this to coincide with the day of my 21st birthday is my way of showing the immense gratitude to everyone that has been reading this and supporting me in all…

March 15, 2012

Who says winter is around the corner | Keep Summer Alive

To my shock and horror last week, instead of pretty dresses and soft blouses, ZARA, COTTON ON and Stuttafords are starting to be filled by winter clothing. Gone are the chiffons, organza and bright pinks, in are the maroons, browns and wool of winter.…

March 14, 2012