It’s not too late * make yours now

January 3, 2012

new years resolutions

It’s not too late to be making New Years Resolutions.

It may seem like the time has passed and midnight is over, but thats gimmicky. These resolutions are meant to be there to help better ourselves. It seems lazy to only give yourself one day to decide whether you’ll better yourself in the coming year.

It’s only the 2nd January, make the effort, and just do it. Don’t just consider vague things, be specific and define exactly what you want to improve. I find that I always stray from them when I’m not specific, for example- ‘I’d like to save more money this year’, instead this year I’m saving 20%  of my salary every  month. Goals that are more definable are easier to strive to.

Life doesn’t just happen, life is what you make it, you aren’t going to get thinner by stashing food in your bedroom. You won’t save money by splurging at every sale. If you want to achieve something you need to be disciplined.

So, whatever your goals are this year, stick to them.

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