Make a cheap nail polish look and LAST like the REAL thing

November 28, 2011

I’m not really a fan of paying R90 bucks for every colour nail polish I buy. I am however a fan of being cheap 😛 (buying 9 nail polishes for R90). The problem though is that cheap nail polishes have a few flaws that their well-made peers do not:

1. Complete opacity

2. Lasting ability

3. If non-matte- they appear matte

4. They could colour your nails faster and more than ell-made polishes

How do you get both ends of the deal?

Invest in a good top and base coat.

Base coats are made to protect your nails from damage and discolouration from nail polish and the tops coats are there to make your nail polish, regardless of the brand, LAST.

Here are easy steps to follow- these steps help my manicure last over a week and my pedicure, nearly a month!



1. Apply your Base Coat. I’m using Sally Hansen Diamond strength because after many years of biting my nails are as brittle and flaking as, well a flake.

2. Apply 2 coats of the nail polish. I’m using the incredible bright pink I found at Identity for R10.
after 1 coat

3. Apply another coat of your base coat, once again Sally Hansen Diamond strength for me.

After two coats and Diamond Strength.

4. Apply a top coat. I use the Revlon Gold Standard top oat, its incredibly shiny and thin enough not to make your nails feel like you’ve painted 6 layers.

and clean up the edges then- Voila!

Also, keep your eyes peeled, I’m busy working on a few posts including the Rosebank Hyatt, the Food and Wine Show AND a ghd curling tutorial.

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