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October 12, 2011

I know everyone is studying for exams and working their bums off right now, but I also know that holidays are the only thing that keeps some people going during this (trying) time, I used to spend lots of my time ‘studying’ browsing CollegeFashion and other Holiday fashion sites.

I haven’t developed a complete list of things required, but these are my favourites for a beach holiday.

Sun Block

elizabeth arden 8 hour cream targeted sun defense stick

Elizabeth Arden‘s Targeted Sun Defense stick seems to be the answer to all face sun protection worries. It has a SPF of 50 and while derived from the amazing 8 hour cream feel, doesn’t have that greasy consistency. I know that I will be rubbing this on my nose and face throughout summer. It looks almost like a lip-ice tube and is so convenient to just pop into a beach bag.

vichy micro matte sunscreen

For my body, I recently started having a love affair with Vichy and their new Micro Matte sunscreen, the formula apparently suits acne-prone skins and doesn’t provide any hue or sheen. I am definitely going to get this soon. Vichy may be pricey but I noticed that this is only around R270 which is R50 more than standard sunblocks with such a high SPF.

Cover ups

french connection beach cover upasos off the shoulder cover up on saleleapord print maxi dress beach cover up

You won’t be wearing your bikini the WHOLE time. Choose cover ups that are still appropriate off the beach, and for an added extra can be dressed up and worn to dinner for a night on the town. It’s also not just simple, but cost effective to choose items that can be worn for a multitude of purposes. Also, if you’re conservative and would need to cover up more when off the beach choose a maxi dress or kimono (and nobody will know you’ve got your swimwear under). These cover ups are from ASOS who are having their mid-season sale! Can anyone lend me their credit card??

Sun Hats

woolworths straw fedora

I love sun hats and especially the straw ones. Woolworths has an incredible range at the moment of fedora’s ad oversized, overbrimmed sun hats in straw and sailor-inspired colours.Also, Woolworths has incredible hats that are really well-priced, like this straw fedora at R120!


asos mid season sale bikiniasos sale print bikini

asos sale pleat swimsuit with added supportasos sale white retro swimsuit

Ladies, choosing swimwear is daunting. Not everyone is meant for a bikini be it for religious reasons, weight issues or just because of insecurity. The main thing is choosing something you are comfortable in. Also, if you plan to go into the water a lot, do NOT ( I REPEAT) do not choose a white swimsuit, plainly because it will go off colour after a while and that R700 you spent at Billabong for it will go to waste. All the above swimwear is on sale at ASOS as well, but i have seen swimsuits similar to the black with extra support at Edgars (RUSH RUSH RUSH) Also, White low cut swimsuits are just so classic for me.


sunglassess aldo shop world wear

missoni sunglasses aldo sale

This is a sore point for me. I lost two pairs of sunglasses this month. Including the legendary pair I got in India. I actually go to the World Wear ALDO to get sunglasses now, I picked up this amazing retro pair a few months back (which I then left somewhere in Rosebank never to be seen again)

The 2nd pair are Missoni on sale at ASOS for a staggering R700 (ok, I’m just cheap). Make sure that your sunglasses fit your face well, have UV protection and (in my case) Don’t make you look like a beetle.

These are the most important for me and are STAPLES for the beach (apart from a towel, which I think is self-explanatory)

In your beach bag also remember:

Beach umbrella
Bottle of water
Small snacks
Money (I cannot stress how many times I have forgotten to take money to the beach and not been able to buy ice-cream :()
A good pair of flat sandals (not flip flops) to wear on and off the beach
if you wear make-up use a tinted moisturizer (with SPF) and waterproof mascara. I use that in this post because I try to wear light make-up in summer, not just at the beach.

Good luck everyone! Go forth and conquer! (now get back to studying).

at beach with all essential fashionitems

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