Intel Shift Your Life event

September 10, 2011

I love well-planned events and this Intel and lenovo was definitely one of them.

intel shift your life event

Set in the exquisite La Lunar in Bryanston, it made guests feel like stars. On arriving, guests were photographed and rewarded with instant prints of their photos. I have always loved this concept, nowadays somebody takes a picture of you, it gets uploaded on Facebook or even worse, stored on their hard drive and you never really look at it, I always miss old-fashioned prints (my first camera was digital though) and the feeling of a tangible photo on your hand.

intel shift our life event

We were served canapes and treated to amazing talks by people who have done incredibly well for themselves doing what they love. The audience was asked to vote for their favourite speaker and Paul Ingpen won a Lenovo Laptop for the impression he made on the young people there.

intel shift your life event

I myself, thoroughly enjoyed being motivated by all three of the speakers who each recounted to us how they had gotten what they wanted out of life, a specific house, studying overseas or even just achieving some job status which now makes them feel accomplished. Amongst all this chaos of being 20 I someday hope to be at that point in my lift where I feel like I have achieved all that I wanted, and am happy.

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