Eid | and becoming a woman

September 6, 2011

eid look twist dress

I love Eid. and whats more I loved the bargain I payed for my Eid dress this year, and not forgetting the lovely cupcakes I made using a recipe from this blog. These cupcakes were AMAZING, but if it gets really hot I think they should be refrigerated. The Boyfriend was around as well and helped me so much carrying around my pink bags and extra pair of shoes. (I was wearing the suede platforms from<a title="I this post from the Woolies sale).

Recently I’ve started to develop a very feminine style and I am now finally feelings more womanly than childish (good good sign)

So I know I haven’t written anything awfully deep about becoming a woman, but all change is gradual. last year this time I had an edgy shoulder length hair and walked around in all-stars, this year I walk around in GAP wedges, a GHD on my side and MAC lipstain in my bag everyday. I do however, still look 16. When will I become a woman and shirk off this childlike face and body? I used to lose countless hours of sleep hoping my hips would fill out and I’d grow a more mature look, but I know now, that looking the part will mean nothing without the confidence that a woman has. I know now that I will remain a young woman until I feel that I am ready to be a full-on woman and when that day comes, I will embrace it. for now though, I’m going to enjoy the fact that I still get Id’d at clubs and can wear kids clothing.
chocolate cupcakes with sour cream icing for eid
portrait of man boyfriend on eid

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