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September 2011

Don’t let laziness get the better of you

I love summer and regardless of who you are and what you wear, getting in shape always seems to be the top priority (or suddenly looking at your thighs you realise exercise still exists). I have a friend who buys the FHM as motivation…

September 29, 2011

44 On Stanley | I <3 Vovo Telo and Giardino's

After Str.Crd and a failed photowalk I was meant to attend, I felt that I’d been neglecting my camera and forced to Boyfriend to 44 on Stanley and Vovo Telo. It may sound innocent enough, but while I like random and avante garde things,…

September 28, 2011

This one’s for the Ladies |HTC Rhyme

Cell phones have taken a bit of a boring turn of late. Don’t get me wrong, I’m kinda nerdy and I love sleek design and would definitely choose a boring Galaxy S2 over a pretty yet cheap phone, because lets face it, it’s about…

September 27, 2011

Back to the Fashion Dolce & Gabbana

I haven’t always paid attention to D&G but this collection is lovely, apparently the collection speaks patriotism,everything about Italy and even the runway lit with fairy lights is meant to be reminiscent of a small Italian town during a festival. Also, Scarlett Johansson was there. I might have a slight inclination to book a…

September 26, 2011

Str.Crd 2011

You might have gathered that I am not really into Hip Hop culture, but thanks to Sportscene the Boyfriend and I attended this surprisingly SICK event (I’m just glad we got to see the Tutus). Streed Cred was a conglomeration of street and Hip-hop…

September 26, 2011

Elle New Talent awards at SA Fashion Week

I have one source alone for these images- The TimesLive Blog.* Kelly’s range hand-crafted with Mohair is amazing and really does echo africanism and the human skeleton and she won a well deserved title, but I really really love Kutloano’s work. That red was just…

September 24, 2011